Butterfly Garden and Storage Totes

Essex Junction, Williston and Jericho-Underhill Lions joined forces at the Green Mountain Lions Camp to plant a butterfly garden.  Many thanks to Lions Loreen Teer, Betsy MaGee, Gia Vadnais and photographer Dave LaRose.  They even managed to pick one of the hottest days of June for their efforts.  I’m not going to make any wisecracks about July 1st and where some folks may have decided to raise their two permissible plants, but I do want to point out a striking similarity between these two photos below.  Thank you for the green thumb efforts.Butterfly Garden

Not to be outdone Lions Mary Shields, PDG Ken Emery, and Jackie Dutil, also made the trek to Cabot and the Green Mountain Lions Camp where they cleaned and reorganized the large storage closet.  It was a mess due to mice feeding on Lion Cindy Berg's homemade Corn Toss bags, along with other munchies they found in what, until recently had been their winter nest.  Hopefully come autumn the mice will find access a lot more difficult with the new plastic storage containers.  For added insurance we added a supply of Lavender Dryer Sheets to help ward off the rodents.

As luck would have it, a few empty plastic containers were re-routed to the Craft Center!  Lion Gia was all smiles.  Before leaving for home, Lions Mary and Jackie made an attempt to neaten up things at the pond and added two additional boxes of fun water sports items to the lean-to for the youth to enjoy. Lion Jackie writes “We weren’t a ‘cool’ looking group after six hours in 90 something degree Temps, so we opted out of being in the pictures.  (-:  But we were feeling pretty ‘cool’ to have accomplished it for the campers and the District”.

Photos Below: Left is the storage locker "before",  Center photo shows the new bins,  Right photo is the storage locker "after". 

Closet cleanup