In 1977 Lion Art Pfenning became the Charter President of the newly formed Brandon/Forest Dale Lions Club.  He was instrumental in building and leading the young club, and he remained an active member and strong advocate of community service until his recent death this summer.  Both Art and his wife Jean were presented Melvin Jones Fellowship awards in 2009.  Jean was the first non-Lion to be so honored in the Brandon/Forest Dale service area.  

Pfenning ramp3Recently the club learned that Jean had taken ill and was in need of a handicap ramp for safe access to her home and sustained quality of life.  The club unanimously voted to assist Jean by building the ramp. Lion Gary Gorton spearheaded the project. He and lion Connie St George were then able to build the ramp in one afternoon.  “Art and Jean Pfenning have done so much for our community; it was a pleasure to be of service to Jean.  I’m pretty sure Art was there overseeing the project” said Lion Connie.