Welcome Center Fund Raiser

Brattleboro Lions at Welcome Center

On September 25 the Brattleboro Area Lions Club (BALC) will at the I-91 Welcome Center to offer food to travelers coming into Vermont. In return we accept donations. We have been privileged to have been allowed to carry out this fund raiser four times.

BALC is a small club and we will be challenged to provide enough food and snacks for the guests who stop at our table.  If there are members of other clubs who would like to donate food or snacks we would be very appreciative.  All food and snacks have to be packaged in plastic bags so individuals can choose what they want safely.

If you decide to lend us a hand, you can contact me at rps65@comcast.net to arrange a pick up or drop off. 

Over the past 3 years we have struggled to get more members and continue to work on increasing our membership.  When The Austine School for the Deaf closed we lost a lot of members who moved away from Brattleboro to find employment elsewhere.  We have managed to stay afloat but sometimes need a life saver thrown to us.  Might you be one who tosses some cookies our way?