Vision Screening photo2Dear Lion Visioneers,

I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy and healthy one.

My reason for this letter is to remind everyone that I am waiting for reports from many of the clubs that I know screened their neighborhood children this fall. I have heard from only 4 clubs so far but know there are several more who have held vision screenings in their area.

I am aware of the complications from Covid that still plague our lives and our service projects. All I ask is that if you have been able to get into a school, please forward those numbers to me as soon as possible. I would also appreciate a quick email notification if your club chose not to screen or was unable to get clearance to do your usual screenings. This helps me get a better picture of things in our District.

Remember, it is perfectly acceptable to forgo screenings this year if your club members are uncomfortable going into a school setting. Everyone should feel good about what they’ve been able to accomplish so far and know there is always next year. Please just let me know if you’ve chosen to postpone until the Spring of even next fall. Also, if you do make that decision make sure you keep communications open with your schools reminding the nurses that your will be ready and willing when it is possible to proceed safely with this program.

I guess this is about it for now. Please remember to send your reports to the district and to me at least monthly. It would be greatly appreciated.

Stay safe and thank you for all you do for those you serve.

Yours in Lionism,

Deb Savery

Vermont District 45 Vision Screening Coordinator