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Donate a Hearing Aid to HelpRecycleHearingAids

Lions collect hearing aids and send them to our partner Hearing Aid Recycling Centers. 

What can your club do?

1) Designate a Hearing Aid Recyling Chairman and committee members. Share that information with the District Hearing Aid Recycling Chairman.

2) Build or purchase hearing aid collection boxes. Many clubs use their eyeglass collection boxes as hearing aid collection boxes as well.

3) Set up Collection Locations with Local Partners: Invite community partners such as local businesses, schools, optical shops, libraries, places of worship, city administrative centers and eye care professionals to host eyeglass collection boxes. Maintain contact with these partners and schedule regular pick-ups. Let the District Hearing Aid Recycling Chairman know your collection locations so that we can update our online Donation Box Locator.

3) Consolidate your collected hearing aids and bring them to any District Cabinet meeting or make arrangements to drop them off at the District Hearing Aid Recycling Chairman's home.

6) Promote your efforts!  Recognise your local partners and your club members for their efforts.