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Lions Serve at Westfield Community Center

I am once again so proud to be part of the Troy & Area Lions Club. Denny Lyster who is in charge of the Westfield Community Center Meal Site, and his team of volunteers have been serving on average 55 people a week a hot lunch every Thursday via curbside service at the Westfield Community Center.

The curbside lunches started April 30 and will likely continue thru the end of July or until the meal site can open up again with inside sitting.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers: Denny & Carolyn Lyster, Connie Laplume, Colleen Mayhew, Eric McCann & Chris,Sellers, Deb Dykeman, Robbin Clark, Amanda Elie, Alice Gonyaw Piette, Barbara Saloomey, Vicky Wursthorn, Pat Sanders, Peggy Loux.

The lunches are served starting 11:45 am to approx 12:15 pm, cost is $3 per person. You must stay in car and wear a mask. Open to all ages. Please do pickup for friends, families and neighbors. The menu for Thurs, June 25 is - Pasta w/Italian Sausage, Berry Creek Salad, Roll, Rhubarb Cobbler w/Oat Dumplings

- Lion Peggy Loux, President of the Troy and Area Lions Cub