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Barre Lions Host Public Fun

Downtown Tow-Down An Annual Fun Fest

Every year the Barre Lions host the DownTown Tow-Down. It's a staple of the annual Barre Heritage Festival and each year the crowd attending grows larger.  This is not a Lions fund raising event.  It's community-wide family fun and everyone involved has an absolute blast.  

The competition pits teams of five against the clock.  Their mission is to pull a Bellavance truck 50ft up Elm St.  At intermission there’s an opportunity for all the children in the audience to have a group kids-pull.  This year even the little league team took time to start their practice with a pull before dashing off to the baseball field.  

Barre King Lion Paul Plante reprised his role as the crowd pleasing master of events.  Competitors and spectators alike departed the event with an extra spring in their step. Community bonds, family ties and friendships grow here.